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All Souls’ Day

All Souls’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

All Souls’ Day is a national holiday in Bolivia and a relatively major one at that. It is considered important as a time to remember the dead and to pray for them.

20242 NovSatAll Souls' Day
20252 NovSunAll Souls' Day
3 NovMonAll Souls' Day Holiday
20262 NovMonAll Souls' Day
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It is tradition for families set up elaborate tables or whole rooms loaded down with delicious foods and sweets for the departed to enjoy should they return for the night. It is thought that these visiting spirits send rain and an abundant harvest to farmers in return for the gifts they receive.

A shrine is often set up in honour of specific departed relatives, and there is a big feast for all in attendance. A spiced-up pork dish called “mondongo” is the main culinary attraction, but rice, corn, potatoes, and other dishes and sides are present as well. Some also wash it all down with some locally made “chicha”, a kind of fermented corn beverage”.

It is virtually required to drink chicha and eat mondongo if you attend such a party. Drinks are passed around the “family circle”, and people sometimes get rather tipsy. They then wait for a “sign” that the departed loved one has visited them. The next day, there is a more formal celebration, perhaps at a local church, but this one is a laid-back “family affair”.

Previous Years

20232 NovThuAll Souls' Day
20222 NovWedAll Souls' Day
20212 NovTueAll Souls' Day
20202 NovMonAll Souls' Day
20192 NovSatAll Souls' Day
20182 NovFriAll Souls' Day
20172 NovThuAll Souls' Day